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Support Building Transparency's Work to Reduce Embodied Carbon Emissions

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Support Building Transparency's Work to Reduce Embodied Carbon Emissions Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Support Building Transparency's Work to Reduce Embodied Carbon Emissions shirt design - zoomed
Mega Cap Contrast Stitch Trucker Hat

Buy a hat and wear it on your virtual meeting calls to raise awareness!

All funds raised will go directly to Building Transparency
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50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Mega Cap Contrast Stitch Trucker Hat, Unisex - Dark Grey / Grey
Mega Cap Contrast Stitch Trucker Hat
Unisex - Dark Grey / Grey
Organized by

About this campaign

Building Transparency is a non profit organization whose mission it to provide the open access data and tools necessary to enable broad and swift action across the building industry in addressing embodied carbon's role in climate change. By purchasing a hat and wearing it on virtual calls and out in the world, you'll be helping us raise awareness around embodied carbon and drive others to action!

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As a new non profit organization, Building Transparency is looking for fun ways to support our work and create collective action and awareness around the embodied carbon impacts of building materials.


Sherry Carroll 1 item + $10

Spreading the word

Nicole Keeler 1 item + $100

Advocate for the education and awareness of the critical impacts of embodied carbon. With progressive research & tech, carbon sensitive mitigation strategies are realized. Knowledge is the powertrain to realize this change.

Anonymous 1 item

This will be a more important topic moving forward.

Michael Beckerman 3 items
kyle a reynolds 4 items
Charlie Cichetti (SIG) 42 items + $100

great conversation starter for an important discussion as buildings and homes move from just operating efficiently to everything before that point: embodied carbon. this will be great swag to give out to my green building team at our summer retreat!

Aurora Jensen 1 item

I work on embodied carbon!

Grey Lee 1 item + $10

I love de-externalitization! Thank you Building Transparency!

Anonymous 1 item + $10
David Carl 1 item


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