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Survivors Recovery Fund

Organized by Charisse DelVecchio
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All funds raised will go directly to Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts
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Hanes ComfortSoft® Lightweight Tagless T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Charisse DelVecchio

About this campaign

Survivors Recovery Fund (SRF) is a community-advised fund of the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts dedicated to promoting the recovery of survivors of partner abuse and sexual assault.
In 2015, the Survivors Recovery Fund awarded $10,000 in grant money to 18 survivors throughout western MA.

Survivors in abusive relationships need financial resources to get and stay safe.

- Partner violence often results in a dramatic loss of income for survivors, who are coping with the impact of emotional, physical, and/or financial abuse. Loss of income may be due to expenses associated with injury from abuse, safety planning, and/or violence-induced employment instability.
- Practical experience tells us that survivors remain in abusive relationships longer or return to the abuser more often if they cannot provide for their basic daily living needs or those of their children.
- Partner violence is consistently recognized as a major contributor to financial instability and homelessness.
- Creating opportunities for survivors to save money expands survivors’ options for physical safety.

Stories of Recovery:

  Maria runs a small business, working 12-hour days while also raising two children. It is her business in all but name – the business is owned by her abuser, who comes in daily to take the store's profits, leaving her unable to save any money. An immigrant, Maria wants to take courses at a local community college to learn English and expand her professional opportunities. Thanks to a 12-month Match My Savings grant from the Survivor Recovery Fund (SRF), Maria has been saving $50/month and receives $100/month in matched savings from SRF. At the end of the match period, Maria will have a total of $1,800 in funds for a future that includes English classes as well as increased options for safety and financial stability.

  Sarah received a 4-month Match My Savings grant from SRF. With the help of the Fund, Sarah was able to move from a domestic violence shelter to an apartment with her young children.
  Quinn recently left an abusive relationship and was struggling financially. While Quinn had a job prospect, they had no transportation. Quinn received a $500 Now grant from SRF for a down payment on a car and is now driving to and from work.

Your contribution to the Survivors Recovery Fund will help survivors create savings, pursue self-identified goals, and cover essential expenses. Help survivors recover from abusive relationships and re-build new lives. THANK YOU!

For more information about the Economic Security Initiative for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence in Western MA, please visit:


Barbara 2 items

Let's stop the violence together! Thank you for supporting this valuable and flexible resource for survivors.


Thank you for supporting this valuable and flexible resource for survivors. Let's stop the violence together!

Carolyn Muzzi 2 items + $60
Wendy Berg $20
Anonymous 1 item
Donna 2 items
Lisa Fontes 1 item

The fund is a wonderful way to help survivors achieve their goals and get free from violence.

Jessica Heilbrunn 1 item + $10
Alex 1 item

This affects far more people than is often thought and it's important to allow these people to speak as well as making sure they are supported and helped to heal.

Rob Okun 1 item

It is imperative that more and more people -- especially more men -- speak out, literally "break the silence." We need to let survivors know they are not alone AND we must reach out to constituencies to join the movement.


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