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Organized by Leianne Dolan
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

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All funds raised will be paid directly to Zachary and Andrea Slater for added expenses due to Kamryn's illness.
$17,350 raised
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1200 goal
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Black
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Leianne Dolan

About this campaign

You can help support #TeamKamryn by purchasing a t-shirt. A part of all sales will go directly to the familyto help them with the costs they will endureduring their fight with Kamryn against cancer.

As many of you already know the lives of a localfamily was recently completely turned upside overnight. Kamryn Mary, a 7 year old froma small town in upstateNY was excited for her spring break. She came home from school to start this vacation and was complaining that her stomach hurt. After the weekend had passed she still complained, so she went to a doctor who said she might just be suffering from a lingering stomach bug. She went home and went on playing like any other healthy kid would. The days passed and she still complained but still played and enjoyed her vacation. On Friday, April 18 Kamryn was running, laughing and enjoying having an Easter egg hunt with her cousins. She went home that night again saying her stomach hurt. It had been a week since Kamryn had first complained of the pain and when she couldn't sleep that night she was brought to the hospital. An ultrasound showed that there was a growth close to her kidney and a second ultrasound specifically for kids was scheduled. By Saturday morning it was confirmed that Kamryn did in fact have a large tumor that was attached to her kidney. Surgery was scheduled for Monday morning to remove both the tumor and the kidney. Unfortunately once they began surgery the doctors found that the tumor had ruptured, which also meant it could not be removed. Kamryn is currently recovering from this surgery and will soon start chemotherapy to shrink this terrible tumor-stage 3 cancer. From there she will undergo a second surgery to remove the tumor and then continue with more chemotherapy and radiation. This sweet little girl has to go through something no child should ever have to and her parents also have to go through something no parent ever should. But Kamryn is a strong kid and she will beat this! Thank you for taking the time to read Kamryn's story and please show your support by purchasing a shirt. #TeamKamryn


Aunt Beth Spoor 2 items
The Milburn's 3 items
michael mahar 1 item
Anonymous 1 item + $10

I kept seeing this story on peoples Facebook pages and when I finally read it broke my heart. I knew I had to something no matter how small.

Katrina Miller 1 item
Jessica Stanton 2 items + $50
McHugh Family 5 items + $50
Robert and Gloria De Nice 2 items
Jen Frick 4 items + $25
Andee Drobner 1 item


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