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The Borgen Project T-Shirt Sale

Organized by Ben Roe
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The Borgen Project T-Shirt Sale Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
The Borgen Project T-Shirt Sale Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
The Borgen Project T-Shirt Sale shirt design - zoomed
The Borgen Project T-Shirt Sale shirt design - zoomed
Hanes Tagless T-shirt

Buy a shirt to support our organization!

All funds raised will go directly to The Borgen Project
15 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Tagless T-shirt, Unisex - Palace Blue
Hanes Tagless T-shirt
Unisex - Palace Blue
Organized by Ben Roe

About this campaign

The Borgen Project is a nonprofit organization that fights to end global poverty by fighting for the underdog in congress. By supporting this organization you are helping our fight against poverty, and by wearing this t-shirt, you are helping mobilize people to act.

My name is Ben and I'm a remote intern for the Borgen Project. In this fundraiser, my goal is to raise money for the organization, while simultaneously spreading the link to our website where people can write congress. If people buy and wear these shirts, we can better work to allocate funds towards the international affairs budget and the COVID-19 response in Africa.


Anonymous 1 item

Good luck towards a great cause!

Rachel Roe 1 item
Lauren Roe 1 item
Bill Roe 2 items

On advice from Benjamin Roe

Madeline DeVellis 1 item
Pamela Roe 2 items

The Borgen Project has quickly become an influential ally for the world’s poor and given a voice to those born into extreme poverty. The persistent efforts of this organization have directly assisted in legislation that has greatly improved educatio

Anonymous 1 item

Global poverty is still a very prevalent issue in the world. It’s good to see that someone is sticking up and advocating to help put and end to it.

Anonymous 1 item

I'm supporting this fundraiser because I feel that the international affairs budget is too small. I'm happy to donate to the Borgen Project (and get a shirt out of it).

Wendy Tyburski 4 items + $20

This is a worthy cause and I am proud to support it. The creator is genius.

Benjamin Roe 1 item


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