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The Endometriosis Summit Virtual 5K

Organized by The Endometriosis Summit
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The Endometriosis Summit Virtual 5K Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
The Endometriosis Summit Virtual 5K shirt design - zoomed
Customized Triple-ply Cotton Face Mask

Stay Safe and Raise Awareness for Endometriosis! Help support the Endometriosis Summit!

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All funds raised will go to The Endometriosis Summit, the organizer for The Endometriosis Summit.
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50 goal
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Customized Triple-ply Cotton Face Mask, Unisex - Black
Customized Triple-ply Cotton Face Mask
Unisex - Black
Organized by The Endometriosis Summit

About this campaign

The Endometriosis Summit feels socially distant from all of our peeps out there. We want to unite to community, raise awareness for endometriosis, and stay connected to each other by all participating in a virtual 5K on August 29.

Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 in 10. The average time it takes to be diagnosed is 5-10 years. Along the way, people with the disease suffer gaslighting, minimization, inadequate medical treatments and more. Let's hit the road and walk for Endometriosis Awareness and to support The Endometriosis Summit. The Endometriosis Summit is geared to united the voices of patients and practitioners and move endometriosis forward. No person should miss out on school, career, social participation, or parenthood because of pain or painful periods!


Amelia 1 item
Jessica Lane 1 item
sarah y ramos 1 item

I support this Campaign cause Dr. Sarrel and Dr. Vidali Are the BOMB.COM!!!!

sallie sarrel 1 item
Todd Hynek 1 item + $25

A wonderful woman have taken the time to educate me as to all the impact this terrible disease can have. It is a cause that needs more attention than ED deserves, to be certain!

Elissa O’Brien 1 item

Personal and professional experiences of endo

Allison Garber 1 item

I’m walking to support my sister and all of those battling with endometriosis.

Kim Garber 2 items

I have suffered for 10 plus years with this silent disease. Looking forward to bringing awareness to those who do not know and support my fellow warriors who suffer everyday.

Samantha Lahti 1 item

Several women in my family have endometriosis, walking for them & others that have it!

Lori Johansson 2 items

I have been fighting endometriosis and I learned so much from the Endometriosis Summit 2020.


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