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Let's do charity work in Togo project

Have you ever wondered what happens to your donations that you give to charity? Have you ever had a chance to go meet the people you're helping or sending money to face to face? The Togo charity project is doing exactly that! Giving people here in the US an opportunity to see how poverty, hunger and Sickle Cell Disease are affecting females in other parts of the world. Afri(K)que, a nonprofit organization is organizing their first trip to Togo, Africa for a group of 10 to 12 people. Traveling costs are high these days but imagine traveling in a group. We're reaching out to you to help us experience charity work on the field in 2017. Who knows maybe next time you can take part in this trip with us? You are our blessing and we count on you for this trip to take place. Give back to a charity that brings you to the people!


Be a blessing and raise awareness about our charity trip

Help us meet the females we're empowering face to face

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