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Paulie's Life and legacy The Dragon Project

The website for The Dragon Project is at, or Please visit our site!!
  • The mission of The Dragon Project In Loving Memory Of Paul W Vause II, Inc. is to offer social awareness to help our countries (USA) youth, young adults and homeless veterans. Assistance and mentoring will be offered to individuals who have been mentally, physically, or sexually abused, are homeless, and experiencing addiction issues locally and nationally, We will accomplish this through the medium of special events using music and the arts to establish a means to help.
  • The Dragon Project is planning to seek donations and awareness at arts & music events. The first event that was to be scheduled for June 12-14, 2015 has been postponed and will be resheduled to a later date due to issues with local officials, permits, Sherrif and Fire Departments and other logistics in Caroline County, Virginia. The event will be re-scheduled through the promoters. The Dragon Project directors, and volunteers will be available to the public in order to bring awareness and understanding for young person’s and veteran’s that are experiencing mental, physical, or sexual abuse, are homeless, and/or experiencing addiction issues (drugs/alcohol). We will accomplish this through the medium of music and the arts. The Dragon Project directors are confident that these activities will further our main charitable purpose.
  • The August 2015 kick off event of the Dragon Project will take place at a music camping event dedicated to the life of our son, brother, cousin and dear friend Paul W Vause II through the Dragon Project.
  • The Dragon Project will collect donations using music, arts, and other charitable events and organizations as a medium to assist those individuals with mental health, housing, clothing, food, and other forms of charity and employment including networking through the corporations and other charitable organizations. In addition we would like to complete research in order to become involved with planning, developing, and introducing certain opportunities for recipients of our organizations charity through music and/or the arts including the possibility of working to set up donations and/or scholarships for training, securing treatment for addictions through mental health professionals. Also the Dragon Project will work to get individual assistance with counseling/mentoring, and therapy using licensed psychologists, psychiatrists and mentors.

The information below was written for my son Paulie and was presented to all who attended his funeral services in Florida and New York, please understand the anguish of our family as parents and brothers who love him so much. The pain was, and is almost unbearable;

For my Beautiful Son Paulie Tuesday May 28,2013 7:37 PM EST
Some Days in a Life (643 Fridays)
It's about 3:00 to 4:00 AM around June / July 1988. "Hun, Hun, Paul?" "Wake Up!!
I wake Ginny is looking at me excited. I say, "What's wrong, you having the baby?"
I'm afraid the baby our boy is too early. I start to get out of bed, not knowing what I am
Finally, some relief, Ginny say's "I just had a dream, I dreamed a beautiful baby boy was
smiling at me with curly blond hair and blue eyes and no teeth." Incredulous I say; "Are
you kidding go back to sleep." Gin says, "I know I saw him." "Okay whatever" I say,
"Go back to sleep".
On August 18, 1988 at about 7:20 AM our beautiful Son Paulie was born. Blue eyes, no
teeth, but no hair (the curly hair started growing a few weeks later and continued to curl
and grow for two years until Paulie had his first haircut.
Sleeping on my chest my Son's gentle breathing was so calming filling my heart with
Love and Joy.
All the plans, all the dreams, looking forward into a safe and secure future, we would live
such a full life with love, close friends, family, continuing and completing our future
being a happy loving family all until a beautiful climax. Being proud happy parents
raising a proud happy, handsome first born Son.
Now we all know and understand in life, a door closes and another opens, like chapters in
a book. We have good times, bad times, love, hate, friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood,
travel, work, holidays, etcetera. Most of all however we have our families and close
friends who are sometimes more attentive and attended to than our own families and
LOVE what a simple word four simple innocent letters L.O.V.E. [What does it mean, now
that IS the question]! Look around you look at all our friends and families.
Just look, take a close look. Do you love who and what you see? Is everyone you know,
here, or not here, loved? Paulie Love's each and everyone of you here and those of you
that could not be here. I know for a fact he Love's you because, "He told me so." You are
all here for him because you Love him.
I was so angry at God, Jesus, and all religion. After Paulie's passing I dared God to send
more anguish and pain my way. I did not believe that such a loving God could take away
my first born, my name sake, a reason to go on, to live and love. I was and still am bitter.
God gave me a taste on confronting and daring him to act. He also gave me a sample of
his power with Ginny. I was tested to see if my love for my wife was true. My asking for
forgiveness saved Ginny no thanks to my recklessness and disdain for what He had let
So, now we see the consequences of what could and did happen to a beautiful and
trusting young man. How his Soul was tortured by certain Evil persons he trusted and
loved. His life was forfeited for all of you to see what Evil can do to destroy my beautiful
boy's life.
Paulie did not die in vain or alone. His love Cheyenne was with him and I hope
comforted his passing.
Now I ask you;
What is Love?
Who is Love?
Where is Love?
When will there be Love?
Is the answer "Blowing in the Wind"?
No, it's not!
The answer is lying in this place next to met Until we meet again there will never be aLove like Paulie.
His Brothers Chris and Nick know now and understand what Love is because I am
standing here as my testimony to the Love of my beautiful family.
My Love Always Dad
Ginny, Chris, Nick, my undying love is always here for you, with you, and in my heart. I
will never desert you. I thank God that I have a Wife and two more Son's to Love,
Cherish, Protect, Understand, Stand by, and Stand with. Chris and Nick, you are both as
Beautiful, Loved, and Wanted as Paulie is by Mom and me.
Always remember; I am your Father. I was the first person to hold all three of you in my
arms just after your births. I want so much for you to learn and grow with me. I am your
Father first. I would like to be your friend, confidant, assistant, teacher, coach, team mate,
partner and savior. Please take this bitter lesson in your Brothers memory and for Mom,
Mama, Nona, Grandpa, and me, seek the light that will guide you and become the Truth
that Paulie struggled so hard to find.


The Dragon Project In Loving Memory Of Paul W Vause II, Inc (a newly incorporated non-profit under development)

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