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WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie Fundraiser

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WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie Fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie Fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie Fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie Fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
Gildan Midweight 50/50 Pullover Hoodie

Embrace Peace in Your Uniquely Own World Aikido Aikikai Inc. (WAAI) 2020 Commemorative Hoodie

Custom Ink
All funds raised will be paid directly to Aikido Delaware Aikikai for 2020 WAAI Hoodie.
$1,370 raised
75 items sold of
100 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Midweight 50/50 Pullover Hoodie, Unisex - Black
Gildan Midweight 50/50 Pullover Hoodie
Unisex - Black
Organized by

About this campaign

This unique 2020 commemorative hoodie is being released by World Aikido Aikikai Inc (WAAI). It shows the WAAI Rainbow Bridge that unites all WAAI dojos around the world.

During this year in 2020, amongst a turbulent atmosphere of change and challenges, here at WAAI we have instilled and found a uniting familial reservoir in the worldwide fellowship. Thanks to Our Shihan and Our Sensei, WAAI members worldwide are blessed with a heartwarming legacy for us to share with one another until time indefinite into forever.

Your support to our Fundraiser will enable WAAI to continue and promote our Mission to Embrace Peace throughout the world. Your purchase of one or more, and the proposal to family members and friends will spread WAAI projects even more graciously!

In advance, we appreciate your support and purchase of your WAAI 2020 Commemorative Hoodie! Please enjoy wearing your unique hoodie with pride, vigor and warmth!

The commemorative hoodies are available for a limited time only!

To learn more about us, please visit:

About Aikido
Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art created by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. After the Founder's passing, his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba was inaugurated as Aikido Doshu II. At present, Moriteru Ueshiba has succeeded his father as Aikido Doshu III. Philosophy of Aikido makes it very personal as it cherishes the uniqueness in every soul, while it embraces the life in collaboration between people and the tolerance to others.

Aikido is the process of learning how and the way of living in harmony. It is up to you for what you make of your Aikido and how much you apply it to your daily life - the opportunity is limitless - with you as the center of your own seeking to achieve better living.

About Okimura Shihan
Founder & Chief Instructor of the World Aikido Aikikai Incorporated. Rev. Zenko N. Okimura, was born in Iwakuni, Japan and is the eldest son of the late Bishop & Mrs. Eisho Okimura. Okimura Shihan began his Aikido study in 1963, and received his 1st Dan in 1968 from the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. He currently holds a 7th Dan certified instructors rank. The present Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba, grandson of the Founder, and Okimura Shihan studied under Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, son of the Founder, at Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo. The friendship of Moriteru Doshu and Okimura Shihan continues the lineage relationship of their families. Okimura Shihan has been a Head Aikido Instructor in both Japan and Hawaii. He has taught Aikido in Europe as well as throughout the United States. Okimura Shihan is also a Shingon Buddhist priest and has served under late Bishop Eisho Okimura after attaining priesthood at Mt. Koya Monastery in Wakayama, Japan. Okimura Shihan brings great technical and spiritual depth to the students of our WAAI organization. He holds college degrees in Religion and Education.

About WAAI

World Aikido Aikikai Inc. (WAAI) was founded by Okimura Shihan in 2003. He moved from Hawaii, the 50th State, to Delaware, the 1st State of the Union, to create a Rainbow Bridge organization.

To this day, the rainbow remains the symbol for all of WAAI Family. The rainbow represents the golden sun's light to refract and disperse the pure water droplets, creating the abundance of colors.

Colors - diversity of people and cultures
Pure water - a basic human need and quality of goodness
Golden sun's light - heavenly blessings of wisdom and strength

The name WAAI was chosen to represent our Mission of this organization: In Japanese, WAAI means to “embrace peace”.

Over the years, WAAI has grown to now include dojos in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and together we are strengthening the bonds of our friendship through our Aikido connection. WAAI is headquartered in Newark, DE at Aikido Delaware Aikikai (ADA) USA.


Eric Buchanan 5 items

Prairie Winds is celebrating our Hawaii connection!


Love my WAAI family!!! Domo Arigato Gozaimashita! Grateful for the opportunity to support this amazing organization!!!

Nikolay Kalchev 5 items

Than You Dear Shihan And Sensei! Aikido is Great! WAAI Is Wonderful! 2020 Is Memorable! The Rainbow is Colorful! And These Designs are Really Neat!

Iri Sanchez 1 item

Wishing all of WAAI family a wonderful 2021!!

Brian Dowdy 1 item

I am grateful to be a member of WAAI and to help spread the spirit of harmony and the art of aikido around the world!

Steve Gellner 1 item

A proud member of the WAAI family

ALFREDO Acosta 1 item
Katherine Smith 2 items

WAAI is a wonderful organization.

Rita Lauchli 2 items

I’m supporting my daughter in law’s dojo.

Betty bennett 2 items


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