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Warenotice Koozies!

Organized by Shane Mumma
Po17749028 front
Warenotice Koozies! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Warenotice Koozies! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Warenotice Koozies! shirt design - zoomed
Warenotice Koozies! shirt design - zoomed
Foldable Can Cooler

Buy some Warenotice koozies and support the awesome tech YouTube channel!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Shane Mumma, the organizer for Warenotice.
26 items sold
$150 raised
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Foldable Can Cooler
Unisex - Red
Organized by Shane Mumma

About this campaign

What's wigglin' Warenoticers! It's your friend Mr. CEO Shane Mumma coming at you all with some absolutely beautiful Warenotice koozies! These fantastic little beverage holders, which are made in America, provide an inexpensive and highly usable way to display both your support for Warenotice and your love of technology whenever you choose to enjoy a beverage. These koozies prominently showcase the Warenotice logo on the front as well as the phrase “Technology Videos” underneath. On the back, the koozies are emblazoned with an inspirational quote from the Warenotice Wiggle 2.0, the Warenotice two year anniversary celebratory music video, which is: “Met a lot of people, but still don’t know defeat.” This captures the resilience and persistence of all of Warenoticers, who crave the extraordinary technology and the best videos about said technology.

Of course, these koozies come in the traditional Warenotice red that you all know I love so much. It's the perfect color for all of you wonderful Warenoticers and your exquisite tastes, giving your beverages a striking red look that is perfect for any drinking occasion.

Now, speaking of purchasing, you will have two different shipping options when buying Warenotice koozies. One is for those who know me (Shane) personally and see me on a regular basis: "Pick up from Shane Mumma." Please only choose this option if you fit both of the aforementioned qualifications, as it means that your order will be shipped to me (not you) and I will then have to give it to you after it arrives. Choosing this option will give you free shipping, but once again please only choose it if you know me personally and see me on a regular basis. I cannot stress this enough, as not following this guideline will mean that you will unfortunately not receive your order.

Now, for the rest of the wonderful Warenoticers across the planet who are purchasing Warenotice koozies, you will select the "Ship it directly to me" shipping option. While you will have to pay a shipping fee, unfortunately this is the only way to get a Warenotice koozie to you if I don't know you personally/see you on a regular basis. But, don't worry, no matter where in the world you live, I greatly appreciate your huge support in purchasing Warenotice koozies. Each and every one of you is helping me make Warenotice better for all of the Warenoticers, and I hope you know how much that means to me. With that, thank you all so much for you continued viewership and also thank you very much to all who buy Warenotice koozies!

Yours truly,
Warenotice CEO Shane Mumma


kathy shannon
Anonymous 1 item
Marty Cassidy $20
Anonymous 6 items

Warenotice is my life!

Anonymous 6 items

God bless Warenotice!

Anonymous 1 item + $10

Because I love America

Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 2 items
Anonymous 1 item
Colleen Hickman


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