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Susan G Komen for the Cure Top 10

  1. Save the Ta-Ta's ®
  2. Treasured Chests
  3. Hope on the Move
  4. The Rack Pack
  5. Think Pink
  6. Boobie Brigade
  7. Save Second Base
  8. Pink Ribbon Racers
  9. Pretty in Pink
  10. Stop the War in My Rack

Relay for Life Top 10

  1. Cancer Killers
  2. Got Hope?
  3. Notorious C.U.R.E
  4. Plowing Over Cancer
  5. Walk the Walk
  6. Too Inspired to be Tired
  7. Wii Fit ®
  8. Rock Away Cancer
  9. Cancer Slayers
  10. The Tumornators

JDRF/Walk to Cure Diabetes Top 10

  1. Sugar High
  2. Let them Eat Cake
  3. Glucose Patrol
  4. Distance for Diabetes
  5. Diabetes Schmiabetes
  6. Sweet Soles
  7. Happy Feet
  8. Legs for Liberty
  9. Sugar Shakers
  10. Sticky Fingers

General Charity Team Top 10

  1. Banking on a Cure
  2. Making Strides
  3. Never Say Never
  4. Saving Lives One T-Shirt At A Time
  5. Team Hope
  6. These Boots are Made for Walking
  7. I Believe in Miracles
  8. Keep on Truckin'
  9. Got Legs?
  10. Walking Warriors

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