Celebration Event T-Shirt Designs And Clipart

Add some fun to your big upcoming event with custom shirts, koozies, mason jars, lunch coolers, or more! Whether you're planning a charity walk, bachelorette party or a school fundraiser, CustomInk can help you make it even more special with celebratory event design ideas. Take a look at the customer photos below to see how rewarding it is to create personalized t-shirts and other speciality products.

Every Day is a Holly Day! by Steph - 1 day ago

Every Day Is A Holly Day! T-Shirt Photo

"For our friend Holly's 30th birthday we took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico! And to surprise her, we got these shirts made in neon colors so we'd stand out at the bars. It made her night and she even ..."   view full details

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Lisa's Fry 'N' Burger by Emily - 2 days ago

Lisa's Fry 'N' Burger T-Shirt Photo

"Surprise Birthday party! Pasadena Ca. This all started from a co-worker doodling a sketch of our dear friend at work. Soon after it morphed into a hilarious joke with a spinoff of her last name ..."   view full details

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KP60 by JenPNC - 2 days ago

Kp60 T-Shirt Photo

"This is our family celebration of my husband's 60th birthday in Feb 2015. Our children and grandchildren travelled from Washington state, Oregon, North Carolina, Montana and Florida to join us for ..."   view full details

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Dougie D's 50th by Dessaints Fam Bam - 2 days ago

Dougie D's 50th T-Shirt Photo

"My hubby was turning 50 and we wanted to honor this milestone by wearing shirts at his surprise party!"   view full details

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40 is the new 40 by Genaro's 40th - 2 days ago

40 Is The New 40 T-Shirt Photo

"We celebrated our dear friend Genaro's 40th Birthday at The Historic Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, CA. We have a great group of friends that have been friends for 20+ years. We all met at San Diego..."   view full details

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Happy Mardi Gras! Drink Like a Fish!!! by Krewe Du Doug - 5 days ago

Happy Mardi Gras!  Drink Like A Fish!!! T-Shirt Photo

"Mardi Gras in New Orleans is more than just one day; there are parades and parties weeks and months before Fat Tuesday. Since 2011, our group of friends has celebrated the Saturday and Sunday befo..."   view full details

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Nu Buggs by Cheekiewms - 7 days ago

Nu Buggs T-Shirt Photo

"To celebrate our first year wedding anniversary we had a kickball game (bride n bridesmaids against the groom and groomsmen). The girls were the "Nu Buggs". We had a blast and our outfits and hat..."   view full details

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The Spirit of California by Bachelor Party @ Cal vs Stanfurd Basketball Game - 9 days ago

The Spirit Of California T-Shirt Photo

"Celebrating my bachelor party at the men's basketball game between Cal and Stanfurd at Maples Pavilion on the Stanfurd campus. We got to hang-out with the Cal Straw Hat Band after the game and we w..."   view full details

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Women's MCJ's Bball 2015 team! by MCJ's 2015 - 9 days ago

Women's Mcj's Bball 2015 Team! T-Shirt Photo

"these custom t-shirts were created in Memory of my late husband who loved to play in the yearly basketball tournament. thanks so much CustomInk!!"   view full details

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Mardi Gras in the Mountains by Lov-ato Krewe - 11 days ago

Mardi Gras In The Mountains T-Shirt Photo

"Our group participated as a "walking" float in Red River NM as part of their annual Mardi Gras in the Mountains. This was also a celebration of my 50th birthday & 7 of those pictured are my siblin..."   view full details

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