Custom T-Shirts for grand canyon

We are the one percenters that made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by The Do'ers - 3 months ago

We Are The One Percenters That Made It To The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"A group of old college buddies decided to hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where we cam to find that only one percent of the visitors to the Grand Canyon actually make it to the bottom. the following week we went to San Francisco and competed in the Bay to Breakers race. We made these custom shirts to celebrate our achievement."

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Walk in the park-- Grand Canyon National Park by Leonard Family Hike - 3 months ago

Walk In The Park   Grand Canyon National Park T-Shirt Photo

"Working with Customink was seamless. Got exactly what we had wanted. Loved 'em. We hiked from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the North rim in one day on Saturday May 17th-- 22+ miles with 10,000+ feet elevation change."

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It's All About the T-shirt by kec100 - 11 months ago

It's All About The T Shirt T-Shirt Photo

"Despite appearances, this is a candid, un-staged photo. I (second from left) took a group of East Germans, who grew up behind the Berlin Wall, on a tour of US National Parks. The CustomInk t-shirt features a map of our route, the car is a Trabant - the only car that was made in East Germany, and the flag on the car is the Sachsen flag - the "state" in Germany they are from. The image is significantly cleaned up and improved from what i submitted - CustomInk was a dream to work with and basically wove gold out of straw if you compare this t-shirt to the artwork i supplied. My friends LOVED the shirts!!!! They made sure they all wore them home together to show their friends who were picking them up at the airport. And you can see we wore them on the trip as well. While driving to the Grand Canyon, one of them said, "I can't believe we're driving through Arizona. Twenty-five years ago i could never have dreamed of doing this." Thanks for helping to celebrate a very special trip!"

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DOWN IN THE CANYON & OVER THE HILL by Vaught Family Vacation 2013 for Mama - 11 months ago

Down In The Canyon & Over The Hill T-Shirt Photo

"Our Mama had always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, ever since she was a little girl growing up in Oregon and Oklahoma. My brother and two sisters were bequeathed a small amount of money from a great aunt, so we decided to use part of that to go on a family vacation, and chose the Grand Canyon. We took our Mama, of course, and made sure she didn't have to pay for ANYTHING on the entire week-long trip! We arrived in Flagstaff on Mother's Day and rented a beautiful, huge house. We not only saw the Grand Canyon, but Sedona, The Painted Desert, and the Meteor Site. Mama said it was her dream come true, and a memory she'd forever cherish! We were all so glad we were able to do something that made her so happy - she's a wonderful Mama and deserved it, and much more!"

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Parmer Family Vacation 2013 by Mike Parmer - about 1 year ago

Parmer Family Vacation 2013 T-Shirt Photo

"Celebrating my mom and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Grand Canyon - we surprised the whole group with the shirts. We were stopped over and over because people loved our shirts and wished us well wherever we went. Thanks CustomInk for making this wonderful trip all the more memorable!! "

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Sisters in Blue by Barbe - about 1 year ago

Sisters In Blue T-Shirt Photo

"My four sisters and I have always been very close, yet live all over the United States. We planned a get-together to explore Grand Canyon, meeting in Phoenix, AZ, at the home of one sister, and aligning the sight-seeing with another sister's Origami Owl conference in mid-July. We traveled from Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana, and Virginia for this adventure! We wore our CustomInk shirts for our first day of hiking, and received compliments and inquiries all day long because of the shirts. Comments ranged from, "Come on, sisters in blue! You all need to be on the bus together!" and being allowed to enter the shuttle buses before others, to "I wish I had a shirt like that to give to MY sister!" Wherever we went that day, folks were agreeable to taking our photos and talking with us about our reunion. I am SO happy we had the shirts! They rounded out an already awesome week of time together."

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GC2013 by hsbalcomb - over 1 year ago

Gc2013 T-Shirt Photo

"A family trip to the Grand Canyon accompanied by a visit to my father and uncle's hometown of Sanders, Arizona. A fun time had by all. We wore our shirts twice and got endless compliments! Thanks CustomInk! Also, a special thanks to our contact Rose Woo. She was excellent!"

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South Rim Overlook (Grand Canyon NP) during Sunset by Anasazi Ruin Raiders - almost 3 years ago

South Rim Overlook (Grand Canyon Np) During Sunset T-Shirt Photo

"I had ordered these performance shirts four a Rim to Rim hike of the Grand Canyon for nine hikers. I and a few other wore them for five straight days, rinsing them out post hike each day. They dried fast and were very comfortable. When I received them I thought they were too bright. After hiking 47 miles I now think otherwise. As you would expect, everyone had their own hiking speed. These shirts made my friends really stand out even when miles away. We even started our own game, "Where's Larry". Everyone loved our logo too. I will definitely purchase these shirts again as they are the perfect material for active people."

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Grand Canyon by Avi - over 4 years ago

Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"Our three-family track down and up Grand Canyon would not have been as fun without the last-minute shirts that the wonderful team at CustomInk made for us."

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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim by CoachKeith - almost 5 years ago

Grand Canyon Rim To Rim To Rim T-Shirt Photo

"The Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim Challenge is a two day hike. The first day we hike from the South rim to the North Rim 22.7 miles with 10,000+ feet of elevation change. After a nights rest we hike back the next day. A total trip of 46.3 miles and over 20,000 feet of elevation change. Everyone that makes it both ways earns an Awesome CustomInk T-shirt that says they Survived the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim. I choose to use an athletic shirt with wicking capabilities and everyone loves them."

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