6 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Raising Money with T-shirts

T-shirts create awareness, serve as a lasting symbol of your passion for the cause
and most of all, they're fun! Any way you spin it, t-shirts are a great fundraising idea.

Here's a list of our favorite sayings and concepts for fundraising t-shirts.

Commemorative T-Shirt for Charity Fundraiser

Honor the life of a friend or family member with a motivational t-shirt design. Remind yourself and others who you're supporting.

Family Reunion T-Shirt for Charity or Family Reunion Expenses

Family reunions of any size are a cause for celebration! Unite the generations with different colors for each branch of your family tree.

PTA Fundraising T-shirt with All the Student's Names

Design a shirt with a full list of student's names on the back, by class. Have the students sign each of the t-shirts in permanent marker for a personalized keepsake.

"Team           " Fundraiser

Show your support for an individual with this simple design. Whether it be a first name, last name, initials or nickname, your group will feel like a true team wearing these shirts.

"VERB for PERSON" Charity or Medical Fundraiser

e.g. Walk for Steve, Run for Steve or Bike for Steve. Take action and customize this saying, whether you're walking, biking, or taking part in a charity race. Keep it simple, yet personal with the name of whom you're honoring.

"Keep Calm and           " for Just About Any Fundraiser

Keep Calm and Walk, Run, Jump, or Bowl On! Personalize this popular slogan with your event details to make a trendy and meaningful design.

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Tell Your Story

Successful campaigns start with a compelling story. Custom t-shirts strengthen your message and make a lasting impact.

Rally Your Community

Enlist your family, community, Facebook friends and Twitter followers to buy a t-shirt and help spread the word.

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Plus, 15 Creative Fundraising Ideas That Everyone Will Love

We asked our team to share their favorite fundraising ideas, and they delivered.
Some of these are just as fun to read about as they are to do.

We just hope they help you reach your goal.

Cornhole Tournament

Hold a cornhole tournament with an entry fee. Winners get a cut, but majority of entry money goes towards your cause.

Super Bowl/March Madness Brackets

It's the same as your normal pool, but this time, up the entry fee and inform everyone that a portion will go to your cause.

Chili Cook-off

Guests pay a flat rate at the door, entitling them to sample all the chilis. Then they vote for their favorite.

Car Smash

Go to the junkyard, buy an old clunker and place it in the middle of a big parking lot. For $5, people can buy 3 hits with a sledge hammer. Or $1 per hit, if you prefer. Be sure you removed all oil and anything flammable before you start. This one's a real crowd-pleaser.

Basket Bingo

Basket Bingo is like regular bingo except that the prizes are baskets filled with products such as accessories, gift certificates, candles, scrapbooking supplies, beauty products, gourmet foods, etc. Each filled basket can be worth several hundred dollars. This is a big draw for your fundraiser.

Polar Plunge

"Plungers" ask friends and family to sponsor their cold water dip. The money goes to your charity and the brave souls develop comaradarie for life. The colder the water, the more likely supporters will be compelled to sponsor your plunge.

Pony Plop

A 4H favorite that requires a small farm animal and a large field. Feed the animal well and have it roam on a large, square, numbered grid. Take bets on which number it will poop on. That number wins a share of the cash.

Dog Wash

A more-adventurous spin on the traditional car wash, a dog wash is a great way to raise money and awareness for animal charities, while also having a blast. Promote it at your local vet’s office and on local restaurant bulletin boards.

Allergen-Free Bake Sale

This is a great fundraising idea that will also help raise awareness of the growing incidence of food allergy in the world. It’s also a good way to teach people that allergen-free doesn’t mean taste-free, too.

Classic Car Wash

Limited to warm weather days, sure, but it remains the staple of fundraising ideas and is a great way to bond with your group and raise some money for your cause.


People pony up cash for every hour you and a partner are able to stay on the dance floor. Add in a bonus donation if you are the last one standing, er, we mean dancing. This is great for churches, fire departments & schools - really, any organization that has its own area to use for a large dance floor.

Snuggie Bar Crawl

Rally some friends to sponsor you on a snuggie bar crawl. You commit to having a drink at the bars in a pink snuggie, and for each bar you complete the task, they pay a small amount into the "charity pot."

Jump Rope-A-Thon

"Jumpers" ask "Supporters" to sponsor them in a jump rope challenge. Sponsors donate money for every minute the Jumpers are able to jump rope . Also, ask supporters to commit to a bonus donation for the person who can jump rope the longest. This can be done inside or outside and is great for all ages.

Flamingo Flocking Insurance

Have friends, family, etc. pay to buy insurance against having their yard invaded by plastic pink flamingos! Check out this site for more information on how to set one up and for a great fake insurance certificate.

Tape a Volunteer to the Wall

Supporters "pay" for a set amount of duct tape. Then they tape a volunteer (on a stool) to a wall. Once they are taped well enough to stay, take the stool away and everyone has a great laugh and photo op. Be sure to have everyone walk away for about 30 seconds to make the person think you’re going to him/her hanging!

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