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Show Your Group’s Style With Screen Printing

Add more excitement to every occasion with eye-catching custom products and apparel featuring your logo or design. Screen printing is our favorite way to create great gear for your company, school, team, or organization.

Our Most Popular T-shirt Printing Method

Over 90% of the shirts we print use the classic screen printing method, so you know we’ve got printing your art down to a science. This printing method applies ink through a stencil on a piece of framed mesh (the screen) making it the go-to for large orders and high-quality designs.

Screen printing is one of several t-shirt printing types that we offer and is great for large artwork, vibrant or specific colors, areas of opaque color and a wide range of fabrics. Want to know how to bring your design to life? Check out our Design Lab or ask our experts about how we can create bright custom gear through screen printing.

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People often come here looking for custom screen printing and it’s because Custom Ink is the best place for screen printing!

Custom screen printed apparel is a great way to help people feel like they're part of a team, and remind them that they belong, every time they wear it.

Whether you’re looking for custom screen printed t shirts, a screen print hoodie, or you’re interested in screen printing bags, or screen printing sweatshirts, you’ve come to the right place!

When selecting your product, you should know that natural fabrics are best for screen printing and synthetic fabrics are less ideal.

Not only do we offer design screen printing, but we can also do individual team names and numbers with your order.

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Perfect Products for Screen Printing

Display your custom design loud and proud with these custom products that are splendidly suited to screen printing.

You Think It, We’ll Ink It

Whether you know it or not, when you think about custom apparel, you’re probably thinking of screen printing. Check out some additional ways we can help you create awesome custom products through this popular printing style.

You Think It, We’ll Ink It

Whether you know it or not, when you think about custom apparel, you’re probably thinking of screen printing. Check out some additional ways we can help you create awesome custom products through this popular printing style.

Color Your World

We offer forty-three standard ink colors, as well as the ability to mix colors to match your logo. We also provide Pantone matching for an additional cost.

Hurray for Halftones

Expand the range of the colors in your design with the magic of halftones, which simulate shading through the use of dots, for no additional cost. Ask our team for details and restrictions.

Extra Special Inks

In addition to our standard colors, we also offer specialty inks like neon, metallic, or glow-in-dark for an additional cost. Just ask for more options and details!

Personalized T-shirts

Add individual names and numbers to the back of all your shirts and jerseys for each member of your team with our vinyl application.

Print in More Places

Many of our products allow for printing in specialized locations. Select the product that works best for you and ask our team about additional print locations.

Sleeve Printing

Leg Printing

Hood Printing


Creating Is Easy With Custom Ink

Great custom gear starts with a great idea. Whether you’ve already turned your thoughts into a design or you’re still in the brainstorming phase, we have the team and tools to help make long-lasting custom products.

Design Lab

Our signature Design Lab lets you upload an image or start from scratch with hundreds of existing fonts and images to work with.

Design Templates

Start with one of our professionally made design templates and customize it with your own words and art.

Design Elevation

Our expert artists can upgrade your existing art or create a design based on nothing more than what’s in your head.

Tips and Tricks for Screen Printed T-shirts

Remember these tips to maximize the look of your screen printed design

  • Always use the highest quality image you can find
  • Vector images are the easiest to adjust
  • Avoid light inks on light products and dark inks on dark products
  • Avoid too many small details or intricate elements
  • Have fun and enjoy the creative process (or let us do it!)

Ask the Experts

Have questions or need help? No worries! Our team is here to help guide you through the process from design to delivery. We’ll work with you to help translate the ideas in your head into a custom order you can feel great about.

What t-shirt printing types does Custom Ink offer?

Custom Ink offers many custom t-shirt printing methods including screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. While 90% of the printing we do is screen printing, our expert printers excel at digital printing and creating beautiful embroidered logos and artwork as well.

What material is best for screen printing?

When it comes to printing custom apparel, natural fabrics like cotton tend to absorb the ink more readily than man-made fabrics like polyester. These create more vibrant designs and allow for your screen printed apparel to last even longer.

What material is the worst for screen printing?

Man-made fabrics like polyester tend to absorb inks less readily than natural fabrics like cotton. However, screen printing is still our favorite printing method even on these products and will create a vibrant and detailed design when done properly.

What color ink is best for screen printing?

Choosing ink colors that contrast the color of the product you are screen printing will produce the best custom printing results. This helps the colors you choose stand out against the custom product that you are printing on, and produces more vibrant designs.

What is halftone printing?

Halftone printing is a graphic technique that simulates shading through the use of small dots. Custom screen printing using halftones allows you to create the appearance of additional colors without the added cost of extra ink colors being added to your order.

How can I make sure my logo is the right color on custom apparel?

Custom Ink offers color matching via the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for an additional fee. PMS color matching uses Pantone’s comprehensive color library to determine the exact color of your logo and then mix different ink colors together to replicate the color of your logo or get as close as possible.

Can I get team names and numbers screen printed on t-shirts?

You can personalize your screen printed t-shirts by adding individual names and numbers to the backs of your custom t-shirts. We offer customized names and numbers from 1”-8” tall for screen printed and can add names sized between 0.5”-1” tall for embroidery.

Can I get glow in the dark ink screen printed on my t-shirts?

Custom Ink offers many specialty inks including glow-in-the-dark ink. These specialty inks may require special pricing and include additional styles like neon ink, metallic silver, metallic gold, glitter, foil, water-based, puff, and 3M reflective film. Ask about these specialty inks when you are designing your custom gear.