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A Rae of Hope

Organized by Alex Wilkins
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A Rae of Hope Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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A Rae of Hope shirt design - zoomed
Comfort Colors 100% Cotton T-shirt

Please consider purchasing a shirt to support critically ill children nationwide! It is my mission to share my story with CMNH patients and act as "A Rae of Hope" in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

All funds raised will go directly to RADY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL-SAN DIEGO
$110 raised
25 items sold of
75 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Comfort Colors 100% Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Blue Spruce
Comfort Colors 100% Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Blue Spruce
Organized by Alex Wilkins

About this campaign

Every minute, 62 patients nationwide enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. In fact, I am one of those patients. I am a Miracle Patient and spokesperson of CMNH Rady Children's Hospital- San Diego & I ask you toPLEASE read my story below.There are many other kids fighting for their life, just like I fought for mine, and without Children's Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide, many of us would not be here today. Please consider supporting my mission to make miracles happen by purchasing "A Rae of Hope" t-shirt. All proceeds will go directly to CMNH's nationwide, your support goes toresearch and training, purchasing equipment, and paying for uncompensated care. By purchasing a shirt you will be helping me elicit moments in which, as I tell kids my miraculous story, they begin to realize they too can get better. I yearn for the epiphany of the child occurs, as Iwatch an limitations they had ever set on their dreams because of their illness fade away, and hope creep in. It's those moments of dreams, aspiration and courage that inspire me to make miracles happen, save lives and enrich the children's futures alongside Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

1486832_556052861152126_831190101_njpgMy Blog: My Story:In October of 2012, I was no longer the typical 14-year-old girl, I was a girl whose entire life was altered because of a terminal, rare, un-diagnosable virus that attacked my nervous system. I went from having the subconscious ability of walking across campus, to being exhausted by the time took 10 steps to the bathroom. But this was only the beginning of my battle. I started having trouble digesting food and began vomiting everything I ate, including water. I was consistently in and out of the hospital for 18 months, spending holidays and school days away from my family and friends, and adapting to life as a disabled patient and in a wheelchair for most of my sophomore year of high school. Instead of enjoying the holiday of eating until you no longer can breathe and enjoying family company, I had a NJ nasal feeding tube implanted through my nose into my small intestine and hooked up to a pump to manually feed me for survival. By the 5th month with the tube, my body was no longer accepting the feeds and my liver and heart were beginning to fail. I underwent every single medical test possible to find out what was wrong with me, but no doctor could find an answer. February of 2014, I was told I would “most likely never recover” and I was “a very rare case, the only one in America with my condition.” My family and friends were faced with the harsh reality that they could lose me. My heart aches as I remember the words my brother said to my parents that day, he cried to my mom, “I’m so scared of losing my sister. I honestly think she is going to die.” In hopes of restoring function of my organs, I was scheduled to get a permanent feeding tube surgically implanted into my stomach. I would be 16 years old and never enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again or wear a beautiful prom dress because there would be a hole cut in it fo my tub Miraclously,he day efore sgery, y gastrdoctorcalled my momand said shehad conferre with specialists around the US and there was one experimental treatment they could try. My surgery was canceled and I endured 3 weeks of intensive inpatient treatment that had never been practiced on any patient at Rady Children’s San Diego, but saved my life. I worked with numerous specialists, retrained my body how to eat, and even though it took me 2 hours to eat a meal, I slowly worked my way from a cup of water to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. March 19th marked 2 years since I began my life as a survivor of the unimaginable. Rady Children’s of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped give me my life back and it is my goal to support the sick children that are fighting for their lives, as I speak on behalf on current patients,survivors and those who have passed, in appreciation for the organization that strives to save lives and enrich the futures of our youth.


Anonymous 1 item + $10

We are proud of you Allie Rae! You are an inspiration!

Tressi Deller 1 item

What a wonderful cause and such a great idea Alex...happy to support you in this effort. Best - Tressi & Greg

Thomas Jefferson 1 item


Brittany Sisney 1 item
Aunt Angie 1 item

Want to support my niece. She is amazing. ❤️

The Stewart's 4 items

Every child deserves "A Rae of Hope " ! Joining together we can make their future brighter.

Marissa Magnaghi 1 item


Her Boyfriend Danny 1 item

Because Alex is a beam of light to the children facing dark times ahead of them. She brings hope to those when hope seems lost. I thank God for the women that she has become.

Margy Collom 1 item

To support my wonderful niece, Alex Wilkins.

Brianna 1 item


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