Make a Stand Against Bullying with Custom Tees

Up to 25% of students are bullied. At CustomInk, bullying is NOT our style. Together, let’s make a stand against bullying and spread the word through custom t-shirts. Invite your neighbors, group, or family to join you in designing your own custom anti-bullying tees and then wear your shirts with pride.

Need some inspiration? Choose from one of the celebrity-designed tees below or start with our artist-designed anti-bullying templates.

Together, 4,000 of Us Made a Stand Against Bullying

Thanks to our customers, Dr. Phil and the celebrities below, 4,000+ custom t-shirts were worn to make it known – bullying is NOT okay. But we know it can’t stop here. As part of our 2011 “Be Good to Each Other” campaign, CustomInk donated 100% of profits from your anti-bullying shirts to STOMP Out Bullying™. The money will go toward in-school bullying and cyberbullying prevention education, and more. Check out what we're doing in 2012

Show Your Support with These “Celebri-tees”

Now you can share your stance against bullying with custom t-shirts designed by your favorite celebrities! Just click on one of the designs below to get started.

Willow Shields

Actress, “Hunger Games”

End Cyber Bullying

Joey King

Actress, “Ramona and Beezus”

Go for Kindness

Olesya Rulin

Actress, “High School Musical” series

Radiate Love

Kat McNamara

Actress, “Madison High”

“You” Nique

Payton Rae

Music/Internet Sensation

Dare to Live

Kimmie Meissner

Olympic Figure Skater

Come Together

Taylor Spreitler

Actress, "Melissa and Joey"

Don't be a Bully

Savannah Outen

YouTube Sensation

More Love, Less Bullies

Mark Indelicato

Actor, “Ugly Betty”

No One Can do Everything, But Everyone Can Do Something

Alex Steele

Actress, "Degrassi"

No One Deserves to Feel Worthless

Ashley Argota

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures

Rudeness is the Weak Man's Version of Courage

Alexz Johnson


Be Smart, Don't Start. Stop Bullying

Bella Thorne

Actress, "Shake It Up"

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...But Words Hurt Too

Y I Yell!

Band/School Advocates

Yell and Stomp Out Bullying

Christina Grimmie


Bullying - It does not make you cool

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