Additional Fonts for Personalized Names

CustomInk's standard font for personalized names and numbers is "Varsity." But if you're looking for something different or would like your names to match the font used in your design, we have a selection of great alternatives. Take a look at the list of available options below and give us a call at 800-293-4232; one of our representatives can make sure you get the font that fits your group!


Name Fonts to Choose From (Personalized numbers can only be in Varsity):

  • Varsity-caps
  • Bauhaus-caps
  • College-caps
  • Adlib-caps
  • Impact-caps
  • Fishface-caps
  • Helvetica-caps
  • Stencilbt-caps
  • Comicsans-caps
  • Willrobinson-caps
  • Palatino-caps
  • Lauren
  • Alienencounter-caps
  • Brush-caps
  • Fatboyslim-caps
  • Bladerunner-caps
  • Creampuff

Long Names

"EMPEROR OF THE UNIVERSE" may be the name that describes you best, but it may not fit very well on your shirt! For very long names, we sometimes need to make adjustments to ensure they fit within our personalization constraints. Options can include using a smaller font size, compressing the width of each letter or splitting the name up to be on two lines. If you are concerned about how your names will fit, contact us to review your list of names so that we can offer suggestions.