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  • Swap Item - Use this button to change to a different shirt color or style, or to switch to a different product altogether.
  • Add Text - Use this button to type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change text color.
  • Add Art - Use this button to browse our extensive clipart gallery or upload your own artwork.
  • Add Names - Use this button to input personalized names/numbers when you want each shirt to have a DIFFERENT name and/or number.
  • Add Notes - Use this button to include specific design or order notes for our production team (i.e. "Please add a baseball bat to the player's right hand").
  • Save/Send - Use this button to save your design and share it with friends in a variety of ways.
  • Get Quote - Use this button to get an all-inclusive price quote on your design. Please call 1-800-293-4232 for a custom quote if you have special requests.
  • Buy Now - Use this button to purchase your order online. Please call 1-800-293-4232 to complete your order if you have any special requests.