How and why we redraw or recreate your image

A photograph is a great addition to any design, but often they are not high enough resolution to be printed directly (click here to learn more about image resolution and how to find it).

A simplified redraw is a great alternative to a photograph, as it maintains the original intent of the image while making it a printable. Expert artists will transform your photograph to a graphic, where shades and tones are solidified to flat colors. Since our expert artists are reworking the image, there are different directions that they can then take. Even if your graphic is a great resolution, these free services are still available!

1 Color Redraw

1-Color Redraws are great options for a clear, affordable print. Expert artists will take the original image and convert it to be one color of ink. This is a quick way of saving money and making a dramatic statement on the shirt. We can redraw using any number of colors as requested by the customer. The color of the shirt showing through does function as a second color.

Redraw 1 Color Original Redraw 1 Color

Multi-Color Redraw

A multi-color redraw is another direction to take your photograph. With more colors our artists can maintain more detail from the original photograph, giving the graphic a more realistic style. The number of colors can be requested when placing the order over the phone, or by adding notes to the Add Note section in the Lab.

Redraw Multi Color Original Redraw Multi Color

Simplified Artwork for a Koozie

Koozies and other specialty products are a great addition to any occasion. Due to the physical nature of the items, they do require some special attention in regards to what designs can be printed on them. While there are few concrete rules as to what can print on a koozie, here are the guidelines for printing on a koozie:


The font chosen to be on your koozie needs to be clear of any small details, or serifs. Since the surface of the koozie is slick, rounded, and flexible, these small details will not correctly adhere to the Koozie. We have 9 favorite fonts for koozie printing (Fish Face, Arial, Ad Lib, Dummies, Lauren, Brush, Bauhaus, Will Robinson, and Georgia) that are available to select in the Lab. Other other fonts could potentially work if the wording is sized large enough, and there is limited text!


Similar to text, artwork on a koozie also needs to be clear at a small size. This means that we may need to alter clipart from the Lab, or have our expert artists proceed with a 1-Color Redraw (link). It is important to remember that the print area on a koozie is constricted, so choosing a bold, clear image is best. If is a high resolution photograph being used, we are able to proceed with a Full Color Option (link).


Color is the best way to get your koozie noticed! Choosing bright colors with high contrast will result in an outstanding print. When choosing a darker colored koozie, try choosing a really strong color to stand up against it. If you are choosing a color like Hot Pink or Purple, try a light color koozie to keep those colors bright!

Redraw Simplified Koozie Original Redraw Simplified Koozie Final

Simplified Artwork for Embroidery

Designs for embroidered products require additional attention by our artwork team. Since the artwork is being stitched, not inked, onto the surface of the fabric, there are special constraints that must be taken into consideration. Similar to printing on a Koozie, embroidered products require that small details and thin lines are removed or bolded.

When you select and embroidered product, our art team automatically adjusts that artwork for the best results. This involves removing small details, substitution with a simple font, and removing any shading or gradients. As part of your proof process, we require approval of this adjusted artwork before moving forward with stitching!

Redraw Embroidery Original Redraw Embroidery Final

Maintain Hand-Drawn Look

Our customers often have hand-drawn art to use in their designs. In order to move forward with printing our art department has to take these images and process them for our printers. Since we are essentially redrawing your artwork, we have the ability to maintain or remove the hand-drawn look. Removing the hand-drawn look usually amounts to rounding out lines, solidifying colors (so you don't see pen or marker strokes) and fixing any small issues with composition.

Redraw Handrawn Original Redraw Handrawn Final