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Blue Strong Volleyball Team Photo
Looking for a volleyball slogan for your volleyball t-shirts and sweatshirts? Whether it be for your high school, college, or club team, our list of funny sayings & inspiring quotes are a great way to show pride and build team camaraderie. Check ‘em out below and go out and spike the competition!

Volleyball Slogans, Sayings, & Quotes

Dig Deep & Rise Above

Love at First Spike

Hustle, Hit, and Never Quit

Coming Together is a Beginning. Keeping Together is Progress. Working Together is Success. -Henry Ford

Bump Up the Jam

Volleyball: It’s in your heart. Or it’s in your face.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Tappin’ That Ace

Bump, Set, Spike It. That’s The Way We Like It.

GTL – Got to Lift

Big Hits, Little Shorts

Let’s Settle This at the Net!

Volleyball anchored me at a time in my life when I needed it. It gave me a reason for being this big, big, girl. -Gabrielle Reece


Cheerleading Team Jumping
Express your cheer team pride with one of these creative cheerleading t-shirt slogans! We here at CustomInk have compiled a list of some of our favorites for you to stick on your custom cheerleading t-shirts and sweats. Like one in particular? leave a comment and let us know… Or post one of your own!

Cheerleading T-Shirt Slogans & Sayings

Wimps lift weights, Cheerleaders lift people.

Athletes lift weights, Cheerleaders lift athletes.

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

You’ve Got Game. We’ve Got Spirit.



In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to share with the world some of the funny, heartwarming and just memorable breast cancer awareness and breast cancer walk slogans we get from our wonderful customers.

Breast Cancer Slogans

We hope you use them or they inspire you to come up with a catchy phrase to put on your breast cancer awareness shirts for your next fundraising event.

Big or Small, Let’s Save Them All

Busting Our Buns for Boobs

Nobooby left behind


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Heart and Sole Team Photo
Participating in one of the many American Heart Association Heart Walks around the country and need a clever or inspiring team name? We at CustomInk have put together a list of some of our favorite heart walk team names just for you! Feel free to pick one from the list and stick it on your charity t-shirts and jerseys. A great team name not only will help you stand out, it could help you raise more money for your cause!

Creative & Inspiring Heart Walk Team Names

Move Your Feet, Keep The Beat


Heart & Sole



Lady Broncos Tennis Team Photo
We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tennis team slogans & sayings, and compiled them into a nifty list just for you! Take a glance below and pick one that suits you and your team best. Many customers have stuck them on the back of their tennis t-shirts and sweats, using our custom t-shirt maker.

10 Funny/Clever Tennis Slogans & Sayings for Team T-Shirts

Love Means Nothing to a Tennis Player

Party at the Net

We’re Downright Smashing!


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