Inky’s Origins

We'd like to introduce you to Inky, the Custom Ink octopus, tireless champion of custom t-shirts and their power to bring people together. Our internal mascot in the early years (though never looking quite this polished), Inky is our "head t-shirt ambassador." Inky also serves as the Custom Ink logo.

Watch this video to learn about Inky's origins, as told by our partner, renowned designer Charles S. Anderson.

Frequently Asked Questions (about Inky)

Q: What does an octopus have to do with Custom Ink?

A: For starters, we both know a few things about ink! On top of that, we both appreciate the value of having many capable arms.

Q: Speaking of "arms," it looks like Inky only has 6 of them... shouldn’t he have 8?

A: You are observant! We think there are two more behind him, but we can’t be sure because Inky (like us Inkers) never turns his back on anyone.

Q: Um... this is a bit awkward, but you guys do realize Inky can’t even wear a shirt, right?

A: Yes, in an ironic twist of fate, he has no torso. But that’s only made him even more passionate about helping create awesome shirts for those who do!

We’ll continue adding FAQs as we receive questions, so just let us know if you’re curious about anything else. Best to use Facebook.