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10 Easy Fundraising Ideas

Raise money for your cause with these easy fundraising ideas


1. Auction

Going once, going twice–sold to an easy charity auction! Gather desirable items for your auction via donations from local businesses (think restaurant gift certificates or tickets to a show). Opt for a silent auction where items are placed on tables around a room and participants can browse and bid. Or, make it action-packed with a live auction–have an auctioneer call out the items while attendees bid on them with paddles or shouting out bid amounts.

2. Cookie Sale

Raising money and cookies? You can’t go wrong with this sweet sale! Gathering your group to sell some chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies is an easy way to earn some funds for your cause. Just have each member of your group bring their favorite cookie and set up shop at your local market, school, or community center. This is a great fundraiser for the holiday season!

3. Walkathon

Lace up your sneaks and hit the road for a good cause! A walkathon is an easy and fun way to raise money for your group (and it’s good for your health, too!). Pick a course, have each walker get sponsors, and pound that pavement! A walkathon can be simple with your small group or if you want to make a big thing of it, get permission from your town to close off a route, find food vendors, entertainment, and more!

4. Custom T-shirt Sale

Creating and selling custom t-shirts for your group has never been easier. Use Custom Ink Fundraising to design your perfect tee with your group’s logo or custom design, then use our platform to accept donations for the shirts without any inventory or risk. When it’s over, we send you your donations and fulfill the t-shirt orders. We handle the logistics and there’s no upfront costs for you–just spirit-lifting tees!

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5. Car Wash

Grab a hose, some bright signs, and get your scrub on! Find a local parking lot or open space to host your car wash (with a hose hook up!). Find local businesses willing to donate supplies like soap, buckets, sponges, and towels. Make fun signs and have some of your volunteers entice cars from the road to support your cause.

6. Concert

A charity concert is an easy way to raise money. Find a few local bands to donate their time and talent along with a venue to host the event. Sell tickets to attendees and all proceeds can go to the charity of your choice.

7. Softball Game

Batter up! It doesn’t get much better than raising money with a friendly competition! Find a local field to host your event and ask for donations from participants and viewers to watch the game. Bring your own gear and have a great time in the name of a good cause. Need help coming up with a great team name? Check out our list of softball team names

8. Potluck

Get everyone in your group involved in a potluck fundraiser! Host the potluck at a community space and sell tickets for admission. Have each member of your group bring an item like pasta, rolls, salad, or desserts. This is a great event where everyone can do their part while also sharing a meal together as a community.

9. Eating Contest

For a fun summer month fundraiser, host an eating contest—more specifically, a hot dog eating contest! Try to keep up with the best of Coney Island and see how many franks participants can get down in a specific amount of time. See if your local hot dog stand will host the event, or get local businesses to donate the hot dogs and buns, and host it in a park with grills. Have each participant make a donation, along with attendees. Offer each attendee a free hot dog with their admission donation.

10. 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is an easy and sure way to make money for your cause. Sell raffle tickets to your school, church, or community for a set price–such as $1 per ticket. After all the tickets are sold, total up the amount, pick a winning ticket, and that person wins half of the proceeds. The other half go to your charity.