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10 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Raise money for your cause in a totally unique way!


1. Ultimate Laser Tag

Who doesn’t love laser tag? Create a huge game of laser tag for your cause. Map out a course in your town and sell tickets for a certain number of participants, we’re thinking 50. Rent laser tag gear and start the game at dusk. Everyone will love running around town in this ultimate game and the winner takes home a percentage of the ticket earnings.

2. Date Auction

Swipe right for a good cause. Forgo those dating apps and host a date auction! Find local bachelors and bachelorettes to participate. For a livelier event, have them walk a stage and share a little about themselves, and have people bid live for a date with them. If something a little more private is your style, do a silent date auction online with the photos/bios of the participants so people can bid online. See if local businesses will donate gift certificates to sponsor the dates—like movie tickets, mini golf, or a restaurant. All the donations for the dates will go to charity and just maybe, someone will find love!

3. Fashion Show

Strike a pose for cash! Host a fashion show at your local school or event venue. Have fashion lovers of all kinds put together an outfit to walk the runway in, or feature apparel from local shops in the show. Charge for participation to feature outfits and for admission. All the proceeds will go to your cause. Sweeten the deal for those in the show and allow them to sell the items on the runway to the crowd!

4. Cooking Class

For a more intimate affair, host a cooking class with a local chef. Find a restaurant or kitchen to donate their space and ingredients, and a chef to donate their time. Sell 20-30 tickets to the event. Everyone will love learning some new kitchen skills, and enjoying the dinner afterwards. Because of the quality of this kind of event, charge a bit more for each ticket to go to your cause.

5. Local Coupon Book

Support your cause and boost business in your community with a local coupon book. Get local businesses to offer coupons in the book, such as $5 off dinner, 20% off at the auto shop, or a free scoop at the ice cream parlor. Sell the books for a set price and donate the proceeds to charity. It’s a great way to give back, and to get out in your town!

6. Kegger

Relive your college glory days with a kegger for a cause. Host an outdoor event and ask local breweries or stores to donate kegs of beer. Make sure you get the right permits with your town, and block off the area for the party. Charge $5 for each red Solo cup that participants buy at the door, with all proceeds going to charity. Of course, drink responsibly and consider holding the event near public transit so everyone can get home safe.

7. Movie Night

Gather around the big screen and raise some money for your charity or group. Find a local theater (maybe even a drive in!) or a space with a big screen. Choose a movie everyone in the community will love and charge for admission. You can even sell popcorn and candy to make a few extra bucks. Everyone will love this night out at the movies for a good cause.

8. Polar Plunge

What’s cooler than cool? A polar plunge for charity! So many big cities and organizations hold polar plunges every year, but you can do it right in your own town! Get permission to use a local beach or lake for the winter event. Have participants get sponsors to donate to their dive into the ice cold water, and have those proceeds will go towards your charity.

9. Flash Mob

Ever wanted to participate in a flash mob? Well this is your chance! Hire a local choreographer (or ask them to donate their time for charity) and sell tickets to participants. Each participant will get to learn a dance with the group and then, go out on the town and start a flash mob! The community will love the show and all the cash can go to your cause.

10. Casino Night

Roll the dice on this one of a kind fundraiser! Host a casino night for your school, church, or company. Find a space large enough to put poker tables, craps tables, and some roulette! Find an event company to bring the gear and workers, or, create DIY versions for a more casual affair. Either charge for admission or, put all winnings of the house toward your cause.