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10 Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Help kids raise money for a cause with fundraising ideas perfect for any age!


1. Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for your cause by hosting a charity scavenger hunt. Create game cards and charge for each team of 2-10 people to participate. They’ll have to find particular things around your town like something blue, a photo with something funny, or a historical monument. Either play for the fun of it, or offer swag prizes for teams that finish first or within a set amount of time. Need help coming up with a great team name? Check out our list of scavenger hunt team names

2. Bake Sale

Cookies and brownies and rice crispies, oh my! Who doesn’t love a bake sale? Get your kid’s school group or team together and have each child or family bring one item. Find a safe place to set up your bake sale like outside of a local business or school, and sell all the goods until they’re gone–those proceeds will be sweet!

3. Bingo Night

Need some cash? Bingo! Host a Bingo night at your local hall or school. Sell each Bingo card for a fee so all the proceeds can go to your charity. Get donations from local businesses for prizes such as candy, restaurant gift certificates, or free car washes!

4. Lemonade Stand

Every kid should have a lemonade stand at some point in their life. So why not do it for charity? No matter how big or small your cause, set up a stand in someone’s front yard, school, or near a local store. See if you can get lemons or lemonade mix donated, along with supplies like cups and napkins. Sell each cup for a fixed price or a suggested donation until you’ve raised all the money you need.

5. Talent Show

Show off what you’ve got with a charity talent show! Get the kids involved and have kids and adults sign up to participate in the show. Find three local judges to donate their time and charge for admission for the show so the proceeds can go to your cause.

6. Balloon Raffle

Take a traditional raffle ticket event and make it even more fun with balloons! Put a raffle ticket inside each balloon and blow it up. Have a huge bucket of balloons and have participants pay $1 or more to pick a balloon and pop it any way they want. We’ll bet people will get really creative! You can have the prize for the winning ticket be a percentage of the proceeds, or get a larger item donated to be the grand prize.

7. Candy Guessing Game

Guessing candy is sweet and simple. Fill a jar with candy like chocolates, M&Ms, or jelly beans. If it’s a bigger fundraiser, get a really big jar! Count how many are inside and let people guess for a set price per guess. The person who guesses the right number or the closest to it gets the jar of sweets–and your charity gets the funds.

8. Slumber Party

Sometimes it’s ok to fall asleep in class–like when it’s for a good cause! Host a slumber party at your school. Make sure each child has permission to participate and have them get sponsors that will donate a certain amount for their night at the school. Make sure everyone packs pajamas, a toothbrush, and a sleeping bag. Spend the night playing games and having fun (and sleeping, too). All the proceeds will go to your charity of choice.

9. Tea Party

Put those pinkies up for charity! Kids will love participating in a real life tea party. Host the event at your school or see if a local coffee or tea shop is willing to donate their space for a few hours. Have everyone wear fun dresses, blazers, and hats. Serve tea, and tea sandwiches. Sell tickets to the event and the proceeds will go to your cause.

10. Read-a-thon

A charity read-a-thon is a real page turner! Not only is it fun for kids but it gets them reading a good book. Set a period of time like one month for the read-a-thon, and have each child pledge the number of books they’ll read. Find sponsors for the kids that will donate a certain amount of money per book read. At the end, collect the funds and send them to your charity of choice.