Have you hit a wall with your design? Wondering how to do something in the lab? We can help! Here are some common design questions and answers.

Guide to The Lab

Your Items
Your Items - Use this button to add another style, add another color of a style you've chosen, or switch to another style altogether.
Add Text
Add Text - Use this button to type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change text color.
Add Art
Add Art - Use this button to browse our extensive clipart gallery or upload your own artwork.
Add Names
Add Names - Use this button to input personalized names/numbers when you want each shirt to have a DIFFERENT name and/or number.
Add Notes
Add Notes - Use this button to include specific design or order notes for our production team (i.e. "Please add a baseball bat to the player's right hand").
Save/Send - Use this button to save your design and share it with friends in a variety of ways.
Get Price
Get Price - Use this button to get an all-inclusive price on your design.
Buy Now
Buy Now - Use this button to purchase your order online. Please call to complete your order if you have any special requests.
Located in the upper left corner of the lab, this button flips the product to the back side for designing.
Zoom In/Zoom Out
This zooms in to show your design in more detail. Once zoomed in, the button changes so you can zoom out.
Printer This
Get Help
Opens this window with answers to some FAQs from our customers.

Designing on the Back

Click the "rotate" button, which is located on the top left of the lab. If you don't see this button, the product on which you're designing does not offer two-sided printing (certain specialty products are limited to one-sided printing). Once your product flips over, you can use the design buttons to add your text, art, or personalization.

An animation depicting how to rotate to the back of a shirt designs

Deleting or Renaming Designs

We hope to add the option in the future, but for now, please create a new name for each version or new design you create so we can guarantee no designs are misplaced. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Rotate Clipart

For now, please use the "add notes" button to explain how you'd like your clipart to be rotated (i.e. "Please rotate the bear 90 degrees clockwise"). You can also use "add notes" to include any other adjustments you'd like us to make to your design.


Looking for a font that's not available in the lab? You can either give us a call to see if we have the font on file OR you can email us your desired font file. We'll edit your design to include your desired font and email a picture proof for your review once we've processed your order.

Accents and Symbols

You can add accented letters or symbols by clicking the "add notes" button and letting us know which special character you need and where it belongs in your text. After you order, we'll add it in and send you a proof showing the final design.

Editing Art and Text

Please describe what you want using the "add notes" feature and save your design, OR call 800-293-4232 to describe the changes and place your order by phone.

Vintage Designs

In search of that vintage look? You can get it! Click the "add notes" button and let us know you want your design "DISTRESSED". Once you've placed your order, we'll email you a picture proof of your design for review.

Class Shirts

If you're designing class shirts, there are lots of ways to make your design stand out. One option is to send us a list of student names and explain how you'd like them to appear in your design. We can arrange them inside a big "09" or your school letters. Or you can have everyone in your class sign a sheet of paper, scan it in to your computer, and email it to us for a unique and personalized shirt design. Call us for assistance - we'll help you create the perfect class design, choose the right product for your group, and get the best deal possible.

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