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Lighten Up with Lightweight T-Shirts

by Amanda Vida

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Lightweight T-Shirt

One of the responsibilities of the Merchandise Team here at CustomInk is to follow trends in the t-shirt market as well as trends set by our customers’ buying habits. (I know - we’re SO on it!)  And one of the reasons why I love our Common Threads blog is because I can share these trends with you.  Neon? Check.  Athletic Styles? Check.  And the newest trend….insert drum roll here….Lightweight Tees! 

T-shirt manufacturers are beginning to lighten the load by reducing the ounce weight** of their tees.  The reasons for doing this can vary by manufacturer but a few common ones are: to reduce the cost of materials, to supply customers looking for a lighter weight T with more comfort, and to give the fabric a more vintage look and feel.  But no matter what the reason, there’s one thing to remember: lighter weight does NOT mean lower quality.

No matter what the occasion, budget, or look, there are a number of lightweight Ts on our site to choose from.  Here are a few of our customer favorites:

**Ounce weight = the weight of one square yard of fabric, so the higher the oz weight, the thicker the fabric.  Example: Gildan Ultra Cotton T is 6.1 oz meaning one square yard of the fabric used to make this shirt weighs 6.1 oz.

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