How can I support a fundraiser?

You can support a Fundraiser in many ways!

Order an item

You’ll be helping the organizer reach their goal, raise funds and awareness every time you wear the item! Your order will arrive approximately 12 working days after the fundraiser closes. We’ll let you know when it ships with an email including your tracking information.

Add a donation on top of that purchase

You can buy an item and donate on top of that! With this option a 2.9% processing fee will be deducted from the additional donation only. This money is passed through our credit card processor, so none of it goes to Custom Ink Fundraising. On a bank statement, on order or donation will show as “CustomInk FR”.

Donate funds without purchasing an item

You can make it anonymous or share why you’re supporting the page! A 2.9% processing fee will be deducted for this option as well. Donations made to a registered 501c3 may be tax deductible, just keep the order confirmation email for your records and consult your tax advisor.

Share the campaign link

Copy and paste the campaign link into social media, or use the easy share buttons at the top of the page!

Please note that once a fundraiser is closed, the purchasing/donation time period has ended. Please reach out to the organizer if you would still like to contribute to their cause.