Options for printing designs with photos

Custom Ink offers three different options when it comes to printing photographs on a shirt. If you’re trying to decide which option to choose, just give our Sales/Service department a call at 1-800-293-4232! We can talk you through which option would look best on your specific artwork, and what fits with your order needs and budget.

Full-Color Process Printing

To maintain a photographic quality print with screen printing, we can proceed with a Full Color Process print. Process printing gets great results, looks best on white fabric, and has a minimum of 48 shirts because of the setup involved in printing.

Halftone Printing

If you are looking to print a photograph on a tight budget, a monotone halftone print is the best option! Using halftone printing (similar to newspaper print, with dots of ink closer or further apart to create an image), we can print on any color shirt, although light fabric with dark ink produce a more attractive result. Halftone printing also works well if the original image is smaller or of a lower image resolution, since halftone printing does not have the same level of detail as a process print.

Artwork Redraw

Expert artists from our art department can redraw your photograph to make it more suitable for screen printing. This involves our artists simplifying the shading and fading of your photograph, moving away from a photographic print towards a graphic look. You have the control over how many colors the image is redrawn with, so this is a great option towards controlling order cost.

Full-Color Process Printing requires an image with a resolution of 200 DPI (dots per inch), however halftone and redraws can proceed with a lower quality. Artwork issues can be confusing, so if you are not sure which option works best, please give us a call at 1-800-293-4232 to discuss your designs with a professional. We can talk you through what options you have to choose from, can give you a one-on-one design consultation, and even a quote, for free!

Photo re-draw example
  • Full Color
    Example of Full color
  • 1 Color
    Example of 1 color
  • 3 Color
    Example of 3 color
  • 5 Color
    Example of 5 color