Where is my dashboard and what does it do?

Your organizer and campaign dashboards are available on www.customink.com. Click "Your Account" on the right side of the top menu, choose "Manage Your Fundraiser" and you'll be prompted to log in.

This is your organizer dashboard, where all your live/closed Fundraising pages, Custom Ink saved designs and Collections are stored.

If you want to work on one fundraiser, you can click "Manage", which will bring you to that fundraiser's dashboard.

The campaign dashboard has tons of valuable information and capabilities:

  • Click "Manage" to adjust your story or add images or video
  • At a Glance shows your timeline, items sold and funds raised
  • Easy sharing capability through Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Page stats, which includes visit and buyer traffic
  • A list of all your supporters
  • Ability to email one or all your current supporters
  • A downloadable excel sheet of your current supporters

If you're not able to edit your page, please shoot us an email or call and we're happy to help and ensure your page is perfect!