I'm not an artist, I need help with a design!

You don’t need to be a professional to have an awesome design! Here are a couple of options to get there:

Design Templates

When you click “Start a Fundraiser”, you have the option to choose your product or choose your design. We have provided some customizable templates for you! Change the product, ink colors, text and images in our design lab to fit the needs of your community!

Custom Design Services

Whether you need help creating the perfect custom design or elevating one you’ve already started, we have you covered! You don’t have to be a designer to make a shirt that people will want to wear again and again. The Custom Ink art team is here to partner with you to create an amazing design you can be proud of. These coveted Design Services are free of charge for our Fundraising Customers by calling 855-631-6850.


You don’t have to use our design lab art or templates! If a friend designs something for you or if you’d like to use your own logo, you can upload it in our design lab. We recommend using uploads with just a few colors, so your production cost and print minimum stay low. Custom Ink Fundraising can print photographs, but they can be pricey to print and do require a very high resolution file.

If you find something on the web that you like, be sure it’s not owned by another party. If the image belongs to another organization or person, you can create something similar with our design lab elements, as we respect creative rights and intellectual property.


With the Fundraising platform, we're unable to offer personalized numbers and names (like on the back of a sports jersey).This is something we only offer with bulk orders or Group Order Forms. If you're looking for an individual check out option for your group and maybe want to explore the idea of individual shipping as well, the Group Order Form might be the best bet for you if you're also in need of personalization.