What is the fundraising potential for my Fundraiser?

With Custom Ink Fundraising, you control the amount of money raised by customizing your product, sales price and design. During Step 1 of the setup process, you decide:

The Product

Our most popular shirt is the Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, a standard fitting unisex shirt with a variety of size options and colors at a budget-friendly price point. Trendy or names brands are typically less fundraiser friendly but enjoyed by supporters.

We use Custom Ink's entire catalog, but please note that not all their products are available for fulfillment. For example, we’re not able to individually ship 12 oz glass drinkware, but we can ship them all to one place. Contact our team for more information about non-apparel items!

The Sales Price

Generally, shirts should be priced at $20-$25. If you choose a premium product or have a multi-colored design, you may want to set your price at $30-$35. We found that supporters will typically donate around $40 for a cause, so don’t be afraid to set a price higher than $20!

Pay attention to your potential funds as you swap products, adjust the sales price and update the ink colors in your design; your potential funds will update!

The Design

Simple, low ink color designs will provide the biggest fundraising potential! Adding ink colors and other print locations, like the back of the shirt, will increase the production cost of the item, which means less funds raised. It’s best to have a design that’s to the point and appeals to a broad audience.

The last and most important component is how many items are sold in your fundraising page. The more you sell, the more you make on each item.

Since the print minimum covers our production cost, funds through sales will not be raised through the fundraiser until that print minimum is met. Think of these first sales as a great way to raise awareness for your cause. After the print minimum is met, the more items from the campaign sold, the higher the per piece profit margin.

For Example:
9 shirts sold = Print Minimum Met
15 shirts sold = Earn about $5 per shirt
25 shirts sold = Earn about $7 per shirt
50 shirts sold = Earn about $10 per shirt

We can work with you to create a page with optimal fundraising potential. Contact the Custom Ink Fundraising Team and we'd be happy to help!