Is Custom Ink Fundraising free to use and how much can an organizer raise?

It’s completely free to launch and run a Custom Ink Fundraising page!

Each individual page will have its own unique fundraising potential and print minimum, which is the number of items you'll need to sell to cover the order cost and start raising funds for your cause.

The order costs are based on several different factors, including the product you choose, the number of colors printing on either side of the item, and the price you set for your items. The more items you sell, the less it costs per item and the more money you raise for your cause!

As long as you reach your individual print minimum, the order costs will have been paid for, and the orders will be guaranteed to ship at the end of your Fundraising page and there's no limit to how much it can raise!

Custom Ink Fundraising is completely risk free, so if you do not reach your print minimum before your fundraiser closes, your supporters will be refunded for their purchase, and we will not print the shirts. We will still donate any monetary donations over $20, regardless of the outcome of your page.