Design Review Process

Custom Ink is officially licensed with over 100 Greek organizations which means we have entered into agreements that allow us to print official logos, letters, mascots, and more. A crucial part of this relationship is submitting designs that include protected content to Nationals for review and approval. This process insures that designs meet style and brand guidelines created by the organization.

The good news is that Custom Ink handles this approval process for you! Just place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. If Nationals has any requests or suggestions for your design we will be sure to get in touch with you before printing.

While it may be tempting to reach out to your faculty advisor or a contact at your national office to help move this process along, approvals must be received through specific channels to make sure the right people are signing off on your design. Leave the work to us and we’ll make sure your design gets the green light in no time!

Want a head start?

While every organization has different guidelines for the use of their logos, there are some rules that tend to apply across the board. Follow these steps to speed up the review process for your order!

  • Give Them Some Space – Layering is great for back-to-school weather, but it’s not a good idea when creating designs that include logos. Be sure to leave space around logos so they stand out in your design.

  • Keep Things PG – Designs should not include references to drugs, alcohol, sex, or partying.

  • Be You – While we all love popular brands, make sure your design is unique to you! Steer clear of using logos identical to those of other brands in your design.

  • Check out our Design Lab – The average Google image search will provide a wide variety of logos with no information on when they were created OR retired. To insure you use the most up-to-date logo in your design, search your school name in our Design Lab!

Custom Ink's Path to Licensing

For over ten years Custom Ink has worked with licensing partners to offer our customers the most exciting options for their designs. We began partnering with greek organizations through Affinity Marketing Consultants in 2005 and since then we’ve built relationships with the Collegiate Licensing Company, Learfield Licensing Partners, and Exemplar Associates, as well as a handful of independently licensed universities. During this time we became a Category B member of the Fair Labor Association to demonstrate our commitment to responsible production and built a team of Inkers who focus solely on licensing guidelines to help your ideas come to life!