Can I close my form early, or extend it longer?

Yes! On the settings tab of the Group Order Form (while logged in as the organizer) there is a calendar tool that can be adjusted to close your form early, or extend the deadline. If you wish to cancel your order altogether, there is also a “Cancel Order” link available on this page.

  1. By default, once a Group Order Form is created, it stays open for 14 days. This means that your group members have 14 days to order an item with your Group Order Form. Organizers can change the open period by adjusting the close date in the calendar tool on the settings tab.

  2. Once the close date is reached, the Group Order Form is closed to participants and the organizer has 14 days to place the final order. If the organizer does not place the order within 14 days, the Group Order Form will automatically be canceled. Any group participants who paid online would automatically receive a refund.