Why is my fundraiser on hold?

Your fundraiser can be on hold for a couple different reasons.

Using licensed marks

Your fundraiser could be on hold because your page or design has licensed marks, usually University or Greek Organization references, that require further action. This sometimes means updating your design to acquire approval, or contacting someone at your organization--don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this part! As we review your fundraiser with our licensors, your page can not collect further sales until approval is provided.

The hold prevents supporters from purchasing items temporarily until we’ve established we have approval to run the fundraiser and print the items, or until the University or Greek organization references have been removed.

Urgent Issue that is Preventing Printing

Your fundraiser could be closed, but not processed because we have a question for you about the artwork, beneficiary, print minimum, or a violation of our terms and conditions.

If you didn’t receive communication from us about an issue, please check your spam folder. We’ll be able to get your order moving again, once we receive a resolution from you.

If your fundraiser is on hold, please give us a call at 855-631-6850 so we can chat through next steps with you!