Navigate the lab

  • Add Text - Type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change the text color.
  • Add Art - Browse our extensive clipart gallery.
  • Upload - Use this button to upload your own artwork into the Design Lab
  • Product Colors - Use this button to change the color of the current product
  • Add Names - Input personalized names/numbers when you want each shirt to be personalized for each member of the group. Teams love this feature and they add it for game jerseys and practice shirts.
  • Add Notes - Include specific design or order notes for our production team (i.e. "Please add a baseball bat to the player's right hand").
  • Add Products - Add additional product styles or additional product colors to your design.
  • Zoom - Zoom in to show your design in more detail. When you’re zoomed in, the (+) plus symbol will change to a (-) minus symbol so you can zoom back out.
  • Get Price - See an all-inclusive price on your design.
  • Save | Share - Save your design and share it with friends in a variety of ways.
  • Order Options - Select how you wish to proceed once you have a finalized design saved in the Lab.
    • Start Group Order - Use this option to create an online Group Order Form to easily collect sizes and/or payments for your bulk order.
    • Buy Now - Use this option to purchase your order online. Please call to complete your order if you have any special requests.
    • Start Fundraiser - Use this option to create a fundraising campaign using our Custom Ink Fundraising platform.
  • Change Products - Located at the bottom of the Lab, click on the "Change Product" link at the bottom to choose a different product for your design.
  • Front/Back - Located in the upper right corner of the lab, these buttons flip the product so you can design on one side at a time.
  • Sleeve Print - Located in the upper right corner of the lab just under the “Front/Back” buttons, this pulls up options for special print areas like sleeve, hood, and side of leg (when applicable). This will also highlight options for how we can print within our special print areas and how to get accurate pricing for these additions.

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