What is halftone printing?

Halftone is the graphic technique that simulates shading through the use of dots. Halftone prints are commonly used in newspapers to blend colors, and in screen printing it's a similar process. We use this technique to print photographic or otherwise multi-tonal artwork using only one ink color, which can often significantly reduce order costs. Some art in our Design Lab contains halftones already, and we can also use them when preparing your uploaded art for print to ensure your screen printed items resemble your original upload as closely as possible.

Helpful Tips:
  • As a general rule of screen printing, halftones usually look best when the ink being used is darker than the shirt (for example, black ink on a white shirt) but our artists will work to ensure you receive the best print possible no matter what color combination you choose.

  • In order to print a photograph in halftones, we need to have a high resolution photo. Please ensure you're providing the best available version.

Please reference the example below to get a better idea of what halftones will look like on your printed product.