Embroidery vs Screen Printing - What’s the Difference?

There are unique benefits to both embroidery and screen printing. Custom Ink proudly offers both techniques to ensure we can meet the needs of each and every custom order.

When deciding what method is right for your custom apparel, it’s important to take into account the look you’re going for.

an embroidery machineEmbroidery has made a name for itself as a staple in uniform apparel because it provides a long-lasting and refined look to logos. Why is embroidery such a great option for logos? Well, embroidery is done by an embroidery machine that stitches threads directly into the garment, making for a polished look that withstands wear and tear.

a screen printing screen with ink on itScreen printing is the process in which layers of ink are added to a printing surface with the help of a stencil (or a “screen” as printers call them) and is ideal for vibrant, large, designs but may not last quite as long as an embroidered design.

After you’ve decided what look best suits your needs, consider your budget and the complexity of your artwork. Embroidery offers a professional look to custom apparel and designs but is, on average, a higher price point than screen printing. Screen printing is cost-effective and can be a great choice for large orders.

No matter what you choose, screen printing or embroidery, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice to order with Custom Ink. We’re perfectionists and stand behind each printing method fully—every product on our site is tested rigorously before it’s added to our Product Catalog.