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Swipe left or right to rotate between the Front and Back of your product

  • Product - Use this button to change the current product or product color, or to add complementary styles to your design.
  • Add Text - Type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change the text color.
  • Add Art - Browse our extensive clipart gallery.
  • Upload - Use this button to upload your own artwork into the Design Lab
  • Add Names - Input personalized names/numbers when you want each shirt to be personalized for each member of the group. Teams love this feature and they add it for game jerseys and practice shirts.
  • Help - Use this button to Contact Us via phone or email.
  • Save - Save your design and share it with friends in a variety of ways.
  • Next - Use this button to select how you wish to proceed once you have a finalized design saved in the Lab.

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