How do I get started?

Group Order Form is a Custom Ink tool that makes it fast and easy to collect sizes and payments from participants when ordering shirts for your group or occasion. Share the link to your Group Order Form with as many people as you like and choose to receive your payments online, offline, or give your group the option of either. We’ll review how to get started whether you already have a saved design, or if you want to start from scratch.

  • If you’ve already saved a design visit the Your Account page and enter the email address you used to save your design. Once your list of saved designs appears, find the design you want to use and choose the option to “Start a Group Order Form.”

  • To start a new design from scratch, visit the Custom Ink Design Lab and create a design. Once you're satisfied with your design, choose the “Save/Send” option and follow the prompts to save your design. Once you’ve saved, you’ll see a message that says, “Order Together, Pay Separately.” Choose, “Try it now” to get your Group Order Form started.

To learn more about creating a Group Order Form, visit our Group Order Form page.