How is Custom Ink keeping customers and teams safe?

What we're doing to protect our teams

Teams who work in our offices

We’ve instituted a work from home policy for all positions that can be performed effectively from home. Additionally, we’ve encouraged team members (or Inkers) to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC for their own health and safety.

Teams who work in our stores

To ensure public health and safety, we have instituted safety and cleaning procedures in our stores, we offer virtual appointments, and team members are also available to assist customers by email, phone, and chat.

In our stores we have implemented the following precautions:

Supplying sanitizer

We’re adding hand sanitizer at the door and throughout the store to make sure that people are able to clean their hands regularly.

Re-zoning the showroom and adding 6 FT spacing markers

We’ve taken out furniture and moved everything around to make space for staying apart. We have also placed 6 FT spacing markers anyplace people would need to line up.

Plexi Shields at work tables

We’ve added Plexi shields and extra monitors so that customers and store reps can stay connected while being protected.

Teams who work in our production facilities

Our production facilities remain open, so the business can continue to operate, but we’ve taken a range of additional precautions to help ensure the safety of all team members working in those locations. First and foremost, Inkers in production facilities who believe they are at risk themselves or have at-risk family members at home have been asked to remain at home. Additionally, all Inkers who aren’t feeling well are being asked to be safe and stay home until they are healthy.

For those Inkers who are reporting to work at a production facility, we’ve implemented additional safety and social distancing measures to reduce their risk:

  • We’ve hired full-time professional cleaners to deep clean our common areas on a continuing basis.
  • We’ve provided disinfectant cleaning supplies to all team members for use on their own workspaces.
  • We’re staggering our shifts, break times, and lunch times to make it easier to practice social distancing and reduce close interactions, and we have suspended all in-person meetings.
  • We’re postponing all non-essential visitors to our sites.
  • We’re concentrating our cleaning efforts on high-touch areas like tools, screens, door handles, light switches, etc.
Generous health plan and personal benefits

Beyond the specifics related to this issue, we offer Inkers a great health plan, generous amounts of personal leave, and flexible management style to meet unanticipated needs and ensure Inkers are protected and safe.

What we’re doing to protect our customers

Everything that we’re doing to protect our teams also benefits our customers. At our decoration facilities in Virginia, Nevada, and Texas, our team members are following the CDC’s recommendations about handwashing, social distancing, and other hygiene policies. Please note that we also work with many outside vendors/partners as part of our supply chain and believe they are also following all CDC guidelines. Please contact us if you have specific questions.