Options for outlining text

One of the best ways to make your text pop is to use outlines! Outlines are easy to add, and there are a variety of choices to choose from.

To add an outline, simply click on the text you'd like to add an outline to (this will open the edit text tab) then navigate to the Outline Text section. Here, you are able to choose the thickness of the outline, as well as the outline color! These choices are applied in real time to your design.

Sometimes adding an outline can make your text look messy or unreadable. Don't worry, we can customize your outlines to look just like you want them and easy for everyone to read. If the outlines in your design need special attention, simply add a note in the lab or call a helpful service representative and reference which outline option you want.

Option A is how the text will appear by default in the Lab. Notice that while the red outline is applied to the outside AND inside of the letters, they are not filled with red ink. The shirt color will show through.

a: Outline A

Option B is to have the outline color around the outside of the text only. The negative space within the text will show through to the shirt.

b: Outline B

Option C is to have the outline color around the outside of the text and to have the negative space solidly filled with the outline color as well.

c: Outline C

Option D is to have a solid fill of the outline color in the negative space of the text.

d: Outline D