Uploading Art - File Types

(.gif, .jpg, .ai, .ps, etc)

Custom Ink supports all popular image file formats. The file size limit for each image uploaded is 5MB. If you encounter any problems with your upload, send it to us using this form and we'll take care of it for you — for free!

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator Document
  • .ps, .eps - PostScript File
  • .jpg - JPEG Image
  • .psd - Adobe Photoshop Image
  • .bmp - Bitmap Image
  • .cdr, .clk - CorelDRAW Image
  • .gif - GIF Image
  • .png - PNG Image
  • .wmf - Windows Metafile

Adobe Acrobat Documents (.pdf) and Microsoft Office files (.ppt, .doc, .xls) are not compatible with the Design Lab. Please use our upload form to send us your files and we will assist you in converting them to the proper file format. If you need any further assistance, you can always call us at 800-293-4232

graphic that shows a company logo being uploaded to the Custom Ink design lab